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It is fun and easy to understand all basic and Advance Topics of Computer Organization + Architecture, Best for Job Seekers & Comp Exams.

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This Course gives a good start and Complete introduction of Computer Organization + Architecture for Beginner’s. While Enrolling in to this course, it is fun and easy to understand all basic and advance topics of Operating Systems. This book is best suitable for first time operating system student as well as for job seekers, Covers all fast track topics of operating system for all Computer Science students and Professionals.

"xPloring Computer Organization + Architecture" takes a gentle approach to the Computer Organization + Architecturem course. Providing an early,Video Lectures & text gives students a firm grasp of key concepts and allows those experienced in another language to adjust easily. Flexible by design.

This Course "xPloring Computer Organization + Architecture" develops the concepts and theory of Computer Organization + Architecture analysis in a gradual, step-by-step manner, proceeding from concrete examples to abstract principles. Standish covers a wide range of Both traditional and contemporary Computer Science topics.

This is a handy Course of sorts for any computer science engineering Students, xPloring Computer Organization + Architecture is a solution bank for various General and complex problems related to Computer Organization + Architecture.

KEY TOPICS: In-depth Topic coverage-

The Instructor, Ass. Prof. H. Chaudhary is an Scientifically Hacking Professional and Author and has a unique experience in the field of computers Science, Hacking and Cyber Security. He has helped many multinational Software companies of around the globe to secure their networks and securities. He has authored several books on Various Computers Subjects and computer security & Hacking. He is technically graduate software engineer and Master. He is the leading authority in the field of computer science and technology. He has over 10 years of experience as a Computer Science methodologist. His teaching and research interests are in the areas of artificial intelligence, operating Systems etc.


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